Study Plus


STEP 1: Select course & Institution. The first step is to choose the courses and institutions aligned to your career plans. You can browse through the courses and institutions of study and then you may apply directly to the respective institutions.

STEP 2: Apply for the course. Once you have selected your institutions and courses, you can apply by submitting an application form, together with the relevant documents directly to the intended education institution, which has the official approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Immigration Department) to recruit international students. Your chosen institutions will review your application. If you meet their selection criteria they will make you an offer and issue you an offer letter. Once the institution or institutions have made an offer, you will need to decide which course and which institution best suits your needs. Let the institution know you accept their offer.

STEP 3: Check the student pass requirements for a list of required documents for your new Student Pass, check our website. In addition to paying course fees, insurance, airfare, and accommodation, you must be able to provide a Personal Bond. You will also be required to go for a medical check-up in your country of residence at our approved Panel Clinics. The results will be submitted to EMGS electronically and are part of the requirements for your Visa Application.

STEP 4: Apply for visa approval letter. Once you accept the offer your education service provider/institute of higher education will apply for your Student Pass on your behalf. You will need to pay the visa processing fee at the same time as medical screening and immigration fees. If you are opting to purchase medical insurance through EMGS, please decide whether you wish to purchase the Silver, Gold or Platinum insurance package – more information is available to download on the EMGS website. You should not submit your application for a Student Pass any earlier than 6 months before you intend to come to study in Malaysia. This is because the Visa Approval Letter is only valid for 6 months. If you do not enter Malaysia within 6 months, you may need to make a new Student Pass application. Alternatively, you can request for a visa approval extension, which is subject to Immigration approval.

STEP 5: Get your visa to apply. Once your VAL is approved, the next step is to plan your arrival in Malaysia. Students from non-visa required countries can proceed to enter Malaysia by producing the ‘Visa Approval Letter’ (VAL) upon arrival. Students from visa required countries without a Malaysia Representative Office are permitted to enter without a visa. Students must present the ‘Visa Approval Letter’ (VAL) upon entry. Students from visa required countries which have a Malaysia Representative Office must obtain visa prior to their entry into Malaysia. Students must also obtain the ‘Visa Approval Letter’ (VAL) before entering Malaysia. Please ensure that you check with the Malaysian Embassy or High Commission that deals with your particular country before finalizing your travel plans. EMGS advises you must ensure you have sufficient time to process the Student Pass and recommends you apply for a visa before leaving your home country, for a minimum of 30 days to ensure you have as much time as possible to process your Student Pass and complete your medical screening on arrival. Check the Department of Immigration for the latest visa requirements.

STEP 6: Make your Travel Plans Once you have received your Visa Approval Letter and have obtained the Single Entry Visa, you may book your flight or make your travel arrangements. Please check with your education institution if they have any particular requirements regarding your travel plans. Make sure that your education institution knows of your travel plans – many institutions prefer students to arrive between Mondays to Friday. 

STEP 7: On Arrival in Malaysia. Once you arrive in Malaysia you will need to go to the immigration counter at the port of entry. Currently students must be met by a representative from their institution of study before they can be cleared through immigration – that is why it is important that you liaise with your education provider before making your travel plans. Once you are cleared through immigration you will receive an endorsement known as a Special Pass. The endorsement will usually be for 30 days from the date of entry,

STEP 8: Complete Medical Screening You are required to undergo a medical examination within 7 working days of entering Malaysia. You must make an appointment at an EMGS approved clinics and attend your screening including attendance at an X-Ray clinic within 7 days of entry into Malaysia. Please check our website to learn more about medical screening. 

STEP 9: Receive medical insurance cover. If you have purchased Insurance coverage through EMGS, you will be provided with your Insurance Card within 14 working days of EMGS receiving confirmation of your entry into the country from the Institution. EMGS will only provide the Insurance cards for students who have purchased insurance premiums through EMGS. If you have purchased insurance through your institution, we recommend that you contact them for the details of your medical insurance coverage. Your education institution may organize directly/indirectly with insurance companies to offer Medical and Health Insurance to International Students, provided such Medical Insurance meets the requirements set out by the Ministry of Education. 

STEP 10: Student Pass Endorsement. After you pass the medical screening, EMGS will notify your university to submit your passport to EMGS for Student Pass Endorsement. EMGS only handles passports of students applying for universities located in the Klang Valley. For non-Klang Valley institutions, EMGS will prepare a supporting letter for self-endorsement, which means your university will visit State Immigration to proceed with the Student Pass Endorsement. 

Once your student pass has been issued, EMGS will provide you with your student identity card (your iKad).